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    We use strong passwords on this site. Please enter a password with the following features:
    • Between 8 and 30 characters
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    Affiliate Membership

    Selecting "Yes" will display the list of current ANF Affiliates.  Please indicate if you belong to one of the clubs or groups listed below.
    Affiliate Discount for ANF Members
    The ANF provides members who join the ANF, and belong to one of our Affiliate Clubs or Groups, a discount off the annual ANF membership fee.  To take advantage of this discount enter the coupon code below when purchasing your annual membership.
    • Coupon Code: Affiliate

    Profile Picture

    We ask for a profile picture to help others recognise you in our community. This picture will show in the member directory if you choose to make your profile visible. Here's what we need for your profile picture:
    1. Use a photo showing your face from the front.
    2. Look straight at the camera.
    3. Make sure your face is easy to see.
    4. The photo should be clear and sharp.
    Member profiles are hidden at first. They only show in the member directory if you change your privacy settings to make your profile visible. If you do, your profile picture will show there. You can always hide your profile again if you want.
    Upload your profile picture (max 4MB)


    When you sign up, we need to check who you are. Here's how we do it:
    • You need to upload a photo of a government-issued ID (like a driver's licence, passport, or firearms licence).
    • Our team will check your ID and profile picture to make sure they match.
    • If the photos aren't good enough, we'll ask you to upload new ones.
    • After we check, we'll delete the photo of your ID as we don’t need to keep it.
    • Once checked, we'll mark your account as "Verified".
    This check helps keep our community safe and trustworthy.
    Identification Upload (max 15MB)


    • Ensure that you have uploaded a profile picture and your photo ID
    • Review and indicate acceptance of the ANF Constitution & By-laws and the ANF Code of Behaviour
    • Submit your registration
    Once your registration is submitted you will need to purchase your preferred annual subscription (Basic or Premium). The ANF Member Administrator will review your application and your ID, approve your membership and upgrade you to a full member.
    Show Constitution and By-Laws
    Show Code of Behaviour