ANF Code of Behaviour

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     The Australian Naturist Federation (ANF) strongly supports the Laws of the Australian States and Territories in respect of harassment and public behaviour and will vigorously support these laws to their fullest. More stringent laws of any state or territory have precedence over this code of behaviour. Furthermore, the ANF supports any ruling made by its affiliates in respect of behaviour of individuals, couples, or groups whilst at their facilities.

    • The rights of every person are paramount in a clothes free environment.
    • The ANF does not condone sexual harassment or public sexual acts. These have no place within the ANF and will not be tolerated.


    • Unauthorised photography and/or videoing (including use of camera phones) of adults and minors will not be tolerated at ANF member clubs, resorts, social groups or recognised free beaches etc., unless permission is obtained in advance from the appropriate governing body or carried out by an appointed club photographer.
    • Prior permission must be obtained from the adult who is to be photographed and, in respect of children; prior parental approval must be obtained. Permission must also be gained from any person who would be likely to be in the field of view and is recognisable.
    • It is incumbent on the photographer to be responsible in the choice of the photographic subject, angle, background etc. Anyone who is aware of a photographer taking less than acceptable photos is obliged to report that person to the appropriate authorities.


    • Unacceptable behaviour is defined as persistent staring, stalking or following, or crowding of an individual’s personal space. It also includes other overt sexual acts or displays as well as any aggressive acts or threatening body language.


    • Unwelcomed communications are defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages, ridicule, or jokes of a crude or sexual nature. Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation must be reported to the appropriate authorities. Unsolicited comments and/or gestures about a person’s body are also considered unacceptable.


    • Inappropriate touching is defined as unwelcome touching of another person’s body.


    • Naturist clubs, resorts or social groups and their members and guests are encouraged to maintain a relaxing family ambience by reporting, in a timely manner, either to the club, resort or social group authorities or statutory authorities any situation they feel is contrary to this code of behaviour.
    • Legitimate complaints referred to the ANF will be investigated fully.
    • If warranted, any behaviour that does not adhere to this code of behaviour will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any acts that are contrary to this code of behaviour as outlined above, may result in that person’s expulsion from the ANF.