ANF Individual Membership

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    The Australian Naturist Federation is an umbrella organisation which represents naturists (also called nudists) in Australia. We also have the most comprehensive list and details of naturist clubs, resorts, groups and locations throughout Australia.

    Joining the Australian Naturist Federation (ANF) provides several benefits, including:

    Access to naturist clubs and resorts

    ANF members have access to a range of affiliated naturist venues throughout Australia, including clubs, groups, and resorts.

    Social Events

    The ANF and its affiliates organise social events, such as picnics, BBQs, and parties, which provide opportunities for members to meet and connect with others who share their interests.

    Education and advocasy

    ANF works to promote the naturist lifestyle and to educate the public about naturism. This includes advocating for naturist rights and lobbying for better access to naturist venues.

    Networking opportunities

    ANF provides members with the opportunity to connect with other naturists and to exchange ideas, experiences, and advice.

    ANF Website Membership Area

    By joining the ANF you will gain full access to the ANF website member area which provides: 

    • Access to a member directory to connect with those like minded individuals who have chosen to made their profile publicly available.
    • Reviews and ratings of affiliated naturist organisations.
    • Exclusive member only online events.
    • Access to member only forums.
    • Approval to post classified ads on the ANF website.

    Note: Members of affiliated clubs and groups will be provided a discount code when signing up to be used during membership purchase.