Australian Naturist Federation

“Normalising Nudity”


The Australian Naturist Federation is an umbrella organisation which represents naturists (also called nudists) in Australia. If you are new to naturism or even if very experienced, we can provide information to help you to enjoy and explore the lifestyle.

There are many naturist clubs, resorts and other organisations which are Affiliate members of the Australian Naturist Federation. Our website has a wealth of information to help you to choose which ones that you may like to contact or visit. We also list clothing optional beaches and similar locations throughout Australia.

Please explore our website to see the many benefits of Australian Naturist Federation membership!


Isn’t nudity sexual?

Most of the people who visit a naturist club/beach for the first time are surprised by the lack of sexuality. Some expect a sexually charged atmosphere, since we see others nude in sexual situations such as love scenes in movies, in magazines and in videos.

However, the link between nudity and sexuality is arbitrary. In Victorian times, to see a woman’s knees was very sexual because they were supposed to be hidden all the time. We expose some parts of our bodies which are as sexual as those which we hide. Our lips, for example, are probably as involved in sexuality as our genital areas. Yet people walk around exposing their lips without causing mass arousal.

What is naturism?

Naturism, or nudism, is basically a lifestyle enjoyed without clothing. But for different people it can vary. Some like to go nude as much as possible (subject to the weather and legal requirements). Some people like to visit clothing optional beaches or venues. Others prefer to be nude only at home or in private. For some it’s a social thing, and for others it’s more solitary. It really all depends on the person.

What is the etiquette for visiting a naturist location?

Generally, the same guidelines for behaviour apply in the naturist world as in the clothed world. Be polite and respect the rights of others. When visiting a club, make sure you understand the rules specific to that club.

  • Gawking is impolite. It is OK to look but always rude to stare (particularly with binoculars or through a camera).
  • For sanitary reasons, sit on a towel when using public seats or benches.
  • Respect the environment. Stay out of dunes or other environmentally sensitive areas. 
  • Help keep the area clean. In clubs, use the trash cans. On clothing optional beaches, bring your own trash bag. Leave the beach cleaner than when you arrived.
  • Get dressed when leaving established nude areas. Naturists are not trying to offend anyone.
  • Follow all parking regulations and other posted rules.
  • Do not engage in overt sexual activity.
  • Respect the property of others.
  • Get the permission of subjects before taking pictures. In clubs, check out club rules on photography before bringing out your camera.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Many people come to enjoy nature and don’t want to be disturbed. It is good to be friendly, but take your cues from their response and body language.
  • Speak up for standards. If you see people who are violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and what the proper behaviour is.

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