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    If you having problems registering using this form, please send us a message and one of the ANF team will get back to you.

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    Note: Your affiliate/sponsor account is completely separate from any individual ANF membership account you may have. Please answer all questions from the point of view of your organisation.
    We use strong passwords on this site. Please enter a password with the following features:
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    This is the main contact person and details for your organisation.

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    Please indicate your location. It is acceptable to provide a location to the closest city/suburb or even your state, however a location is required in order to list in the Affiliate/Sponsor directories.

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    Affiliates can include Australian Naturist Clubs, Australian Resorts (including Retreats, B & B’s, Farm-stays, Home-stays), Australian Groups (including Beach groups, Social Groups etc.)


    International clubs, resorts or groups seeking to be part of the ANF must select the Sponsor form.  Under the ANF Constitution, only Australian clubs, resorts and groups can be Affiliates.

    Profile Picture

    Please upload an image that represents your organisation.  This can be your logo or some other graphic that will identify your organisation.  This is the smaller round image that will be used for the public directory listing on the website. Look at the existing Venues and Sponsor listings for examples of what other organisations have used.
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    This is the larger, rectangular image that will be used as the backdrop to your public directory listing.  It is shown behind your profile picture in both the directory listing cards and in your organisation's profile details.  Select an image that shows something about your organisation. Look at the existing Venues and Sponsor listings for examples of what other organisations have used.
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