Event Submission Information

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    To ensure your event is correctly listed on the ANF Events Calendar, please follow these guidelines: 


    • Who Can List Events: Only affiliates and Committee members of the Australian Naturist Federation can add events to the calendar.
    • Public Events: Use the ANF Events Calendar to list events meant for the general public, especially those who may not be regular visitors to your venue.
    • Private Events: If your event is restricted to specific groups (like club members), promote it through other channels like your affiliate website, noticeboard, email, or social media.

    Filling Out the “Submit an Event” Form: When submitting an event, complete the following fields:

    • Event Title: Include the affiliate name and a clear event title, e.g., “Metro East Association Nude Swim Night.
    • Event Description: Provide a description that helps potential attendees decide if they want to join.
    • Event Time & Date: Choose the correct timezone, indicate if it’s an all-day event or a recurring one.
    • Event Image: You can add one image, but ensure you have permission to use it.
    • Event Categories: Select from Clothed, Clothing Optional, or Naturist.
    • Event Tags: Choose “Public Event” if it’s for the general public.
    • Configure Virtual Event: Leave this blank if not applicable.
    • Event Status: Select the appropriate option.
    • Venue Details: Choose an existing venue from the list, or if the venue is not listed, create a new venue by selecting the down arrow, choosing “Create or Find a Venue,” then entering the new venue details and selecting “Create.”
    • Organizer Details: Select an existing organizer or create a new organizer by selecting the down arrow, choosing “Create or Find Organizer,” then entering the new organizer details and selecting “Create.”
    • Event Website: Add a website link if applicable.
    • Event Cost: Specify the cost or mark it as 0 for free events or leave it blank to hide the cost.
    • Terms of Submission: Make sure to read and agree to the submission terms.
    • Submit Event: Click this button when all the information is correct.

    Please note that the Australian Naturist Federation will review and moderate all new events and any updates. Once your event is approved, it will be visible on the website.